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Social Media Marketing


Social Media Marketing and Management

Sharing your space in the marketplace.

businesses must do more than advertised on social media they need to tell a story we have helped many brands write new chapters in their story great marketing is more than a good logo and a catchy phrase it is communicating clearly and quickly to the right market about the products and services as well as finding the right venue for your business to tell its story

Be communications employs a marketing strategy that directly engages consumers. It invites and encourages consumers to participate in the evolution of a brand, rather than looking at consumers as passive receivers of messages. We believe that consumers should be actively involved in the co-creation of marketing programs developing a deep and lasting relationship with your brand.

  • Branding / Brand Management
  • Strategy
  • Campaign
  • Narrative Content Creation – Telling your story
  • Promotion

Case Example

Client: Taste For Life : AIDS Committee of Durham Region
Campaign Date : March 2012


Increase event attendance via experiential video to create empathy


Partner with Local TV to distribute PSA & leverage Celebrity Endorcement


Promote Participating Restaurants in Local Markets with Celebrity Personal Appearance


Post Event Thankyou Video’s promoting sponsoring businesses to encourage future participation