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Search engine optimization is only half the equation. In order to win the search game you must be engaged in a conversation. How many people are talking about you how often on how many platforms?

Our Be line Strategies, use an approach, that looks at each element, of your marketing plan, as an integrated piece, of a comprehensive strategy, to maximize the impact, on your customer.

This involves a consistent set, of messages, and a common look, and feel, across all marketing vehicles.

We provide you with analysis, of your target market, through marketing research, to Build, and implement, an effective application of our strategies.

General theory of Relativity

In order to reach the on-line market of today, messaging must be directed to touch upon the audience on a personal level, they must be able to relate with your message in their real life.

We use a four quadrant approach to generating relativity with your audience.


Two way communications must be established and maintained, To establish the veracity of your message. Your messaging can no-longer be based on push marketing but must employ pull tactics, to draw your audience into a discussion around your messaging, this tactic has the added advantage of garnering research from the communications established, allowing for further development and fine tuning of your message throughout the campaign.


The inclusion of local community contributors works two fold, it engenders a co-operative community building association to your message on the grass roots level, and acts as a promotional driver, for your messaging , contributing participants share your messaging via their work.


A connection to the community at large lends credibility to your messaging. This can be accomplished in many ways, association to a national common goal, i.e. Charity organization) or PR lift from mainstream media.


Establish a real persona for your messaging with truth and faults, engender a human aspect to your messaging and creates a personal bond to your audience, who can now relate to your message on a personal level.

Case Study: Louise Parkes For Mayor Campaign 2010
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