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PHYTE Magazine & Internet Broadcast Channel

Be-Communications brings Media back to reality, via an innovative platform….

PHYTE Magazine & Internet Broadcast Channel
A Content driven website profiling locally produced weblogs, webcasts, photography, art, and music under one distribution channel.
A new Medium that gives something back to the consumers, Entertainment , Food for the soul and the senses…

Our web property,, focuses on delivering free high quality professional content for the user.  We intend to position ourselves in the marketplace as a premium online vehicle for the national advertiser seeking to capitalize on the emerging trend of user generated content online.

I have just returned from a trip to Los Angeles, where we were chosen to present our concept at the Digital Media Summit (

The feedback from the conference was amazing, especially that we were able to premiere our first episode of our webcast, Ante-Rockstar ( The audience feedback was extremely positive, considering that we address the main issue with user generated content, feasability of a business model.

Current user generated content is unusable to national advertisers because of its short and amateur format. Our production standards, as well as the mainstream format of our content makes it an attractive and exciting new vehicle for advertisers to reach the ever elusive 19-34 year old market. The timing of our arrival in this quickly evolving marketplace is perfect.