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Be-Communications Founded

B e-Communications (BEC) was founded as a privately held entity operating
in the communications industry, focusing on the following areas:
• Publishing
• Advertising Sales
• Marketing Research and Consulting
• Media content production

Our Mission Statement
To create high caliber, quality programs and services, serving both consumers
and advertisers, through the innovative combination of separate media vehicles
with the intention of producing a marketplace where transactions become more
meaningful for all participants.


The Be-Log™
Our launch product, The Be-Log ™, was to be  a weekly printed blogzine with a controlled
circulation per market. The accompanying website consists of additional editorial
and commercial content adding value to the printed format. We intended to
launch September 2nd, 2005 in the Greater Toronto Area and expand to
include five of the major metropolitan areas of Canada over the course of this
three year business plan.
The accompanying website to the publication,, would be a tool for
readers and advertisers alike to bring them together in a concrete and
measurable arena. The members-only website will contain supplemental
reader resources including archives of published entries, abilities to comment on
published entries, scheduled interactive chats with writers, quizzes and contests.
Our website is currently under development, with the cornerstone functions
(blogging, online purchasing) already tested and operational.

Advertising Sales
We would offer advertising opportunities in The Be-Log™ for large to medium sized
advertisers who wish to differentiate themselves by advertising in an avant-garde
publication such as ours. We will be able to offer our advertisers value-added
components as a result of the statistical data available from our membership
database such as detailed demographic data, as well as opportunities for direct
marketing and cross promotional campaigns executed via our website.

Market Research and Consulting
The Be-Line™
Our marketing research tool for our advertisers. The Be-Line™ is a forum where
advertisers can test market products and services. Because of it’s placement on
the internet, this product will be the perfect tool for advertisers to test media
content such as music, movies, video games, software, and other digital content.
The data obtained as a bi-product of our website, as well as our membership
base allows for easy, inexpensive extrapolation of statistics required by
Consulting projects will be undertaken with clients who wish to harness to power
of blogging to improve both their marketing communications programs, as well as
their business procedures.

Media Content Production and Further Development Initiatives
We are currently in the development phase of niche publications similar to our
launch products to address the needs of consumers and advertisers operating in
arenas other than the general adult population.