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Be-Communications specializes in the design and implementation of communications products and strategies across multiple platforms that:

Challenge the Mainstream Perspective.

Be-Communications conducts marketing research on the integrity of brand messaging by evaluating consumer experience vs. expectation, and renders digital media content in various formats with the findings.

Our production capabilities include websites, photography, videography, video/audio production/post production/animation/motion graphics, installations, events, interactive, social and earned media.

Our creative capabilities are surprising.


Our motto is reflected in our catalog of projects advocating education, communication and active social involvement. Our work shows in-depth perspective on a wide range of themes including music, politics, poverty, homelessness, mental health, and the general pursuit of happiness to name a few.

Be-Communications has volunteered their services to support many not for profit campaigns, including The Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, Scotiabank AIDS Walk for Life, Taste for Life, The Children’s Wish Foundation, Science without Borders, Canadian Bureau for International Education, Feed the Need Durham and Belize Community Conservation.


Our Be line Strategies, use an approach, that looks at each element, of your marketing plan, as an integrated piece, of a comprehensive strategy, to maximize the impact, on your customer.

Social Media Marketing

Sharing your space in the marketplace.
Be communications employs a marketing strategy that directly engages consumers.

Video Production / Videography

Content is the King of screens Big & Small, our team has produced audio and video 
products for them all.

Website Development

Just having the website is no longer enough! Now you and your company need an effective website design that will convert visitors into leads increase client engagement


Parliamentary Certificate of Recognition


Kevin of Be-Communications is an incredibly creative and talented individual. He is motivated by the challenges thrown his way and always produces results that are beyond the discussed goal or requirement. His ability to quickly develop Video, Web and other electronic media content is second to none. Kevin also has an uncanny ability to make even the most mundane topics fun to watch or interact with.

Kevin’s knowledge does not stop at content development or Graphic design. His understanding of Social Media will boggle your mind. As an early adopter of Social Media Marketing, Kevin has developed an ability to leverage the concepts many are still trying to understand how to use and effectively generate new business.

Vince Johnson